Keynote speakers and Work Shop Spearkers(基調講演者及びワークショップ講師)
Day Item Speaker    


May 25(Friday)


18:30 Work Shop (venue2)




Ginger Griggs ジンジャー・グリッグ

"Tips of Table Topics"


Ginger Griggs, president of BreakfastToastmasters, is a Tokyo-based trainer, speaker, executive coach, and professor at Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business. With a particular focus on communication, Ms. Griggs works with her clients to develop in all areas of individual and organizational leadership. She brings to her current roles both her lengthy experience as an educator in the United States and a decade of experience in Europe and Japan as a manager in a major multinational corporation. Throughout her years in international business, Ms. Griggs has had the opportunity to work extensively with cross-cultural and cross-functional teams, and with both senior executives and aspiring young high-potentials. Her passion is to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential.




May 26(Saturday)


09:30 Work Shop (venue3)































































































14:20 Keynote Speech (venue1)




















E1, E2; Craig Valentine クレグ・バレンタイン
"YouTubeにはCraig ValentineのWSのビデオがたくさんあります。
その中からDistrict 80の大会でのビデオです。"

"How to Present with Impact and Persuade with Ease        


 Join Craig Valentine (the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking) and get the top tools to keep your audiences on the edge of their seats and persuade them to take your next desired step. Whether speaking to an audience of 1 or 1000, you will pick up tools to…
1.Hook your listeners into your presentation from your very first words
2.Motivate and influence your audience to take action when you are finished
3.Craft, deliver, and sell your message effectively
4.Present in a confident, assured, and engaging manner
5.Make your message memorable
6.Breathe life into your presentations, bring your audience to you, and build a message that sticks!

This is one interactive workshop you can’t afford to miss. Build your confidence and your competence and have lots of fun in the process!



E3; Mieko Kobayashi 小林美枝子

"'Humorous Debate Workshop' by A Born Chatter Box"


For those who are interested in debate but SCARED and never had courage to learn, this is the opportunity for you!  TM Mieko Kobayashi has produced a fun & exciting opportunity to learn following:

・ WHAT is the parliamentary debate? 
・ WHY is it interesting?
・ WHICH communication skills can you gain out of the debate ?  
・ HOW do you do it?

During the 40-minute workshop, she will show a humorous and skillful debate demo by Team Chatter Box. Yes! You will gain specific ideas about how fun debate is from this ‘GREAT SHOW TIME’!  TM Kobayashi is the champion of the Debate Competition in 2007 hosted by English Speaking Union of Japan (’ESUJ’), but don’t worry!  She promises NOT to beat you -YOUR SECURITY IS GUARANTEED!

Introduction of Honorable Debaters for Demo (alphabetical):
TM Makoto Ishiwata, Aoyama Lunch TMC:
Keynote Speaker at District 76 Fall Conference 2011 / Finalist of Debate Competition by ESUJ in 2010.
TM Shigeo Suzuki, Aoyama Lunch TMC:
The wisdom of Aoyama Lunch TMC/ Finalist of Debate Competition by ESUJ in 2008 and 2009.
More of attractive debaters may join!

Producer: TM Mieko Kobayashi
Aoyama Lunch & Fantasista Toastmasters Club


ディベートを学んでみたい。でも、なんだか難しそうで、ちょっと怖い・・・ そんなトーストマスターズに、ディベートを見て、学ぶ、楽しい機会をご提供いたします。

● ディベートはどのように行うのか
● そこから何を学べるのか
● 学びはどのように役立つのか
● ディベートって、いったい、どこが、どうおもしろいのか?!
ディベートが大好きな魅力溢れるディベーター達が Team Chatter Box (‘チームCB’)として、皆さまにお会いできる機会を心より楽しみにしています。

石渡誠氏、青山ランチTMC:ディストリクト76 秋期コンフェレンス・キーノートスピーカー/2010年English Speaking Union of Japan (‘ESUJ’) Debate大会ファイナリスト。
鈴木茂男氏、青山ランチTMC: 2008、2009年ESUJ Debate大会ファイナリスト。



PR-Video, Flyer

 J1; Team Robert チームロバート

"Parliamentary Procedure"






隊長「こ、これは! もしかして、あの伝説のギチョウジュツか?」


そして世を徹しての訓練が終わったある夜明け、Team Robertは地平線で力強く輝く朝日に向かってこう叫んだ。



J2; Seno Kazuhiko 瀬能和彦

"Invitation to Academic Debate"


This workshop is an introduction or an invitation to debate and for those who are interested in debate. In this workshop, you can learn what debate is, how an valid argument is constructed, what skills you can get by debating, etc. Let's explore the world of debate and have fun in exchanging ideas!





J3; Yasuhiko Hayashi 林寧彦

"Technique of Presentation"


If you could acquire the habit of considering presentation as “Present-action,”  your presentation skills will improve remarkably.  In this interactive workshop, I will talk about ways to improve presentation skills that are more important than learning how to use PowerPoint.
I introduced four historical figures in my book titled Rekishi-o-ugokashita Purezen (Presentations that changed the history) published as a Shincho Shinsho (new books of Shinchosha).  “Present-action” is the common keyword for successful presentations.


広告プランナーとして、広告会社に26 年間勤務ののち独立。
著書に「歴史を動かしたプレゼン」新潮新書('10 年刊)、
「週末陶芸のすすめ」文春文庫プラス('09 年刊)。陶芸家



Kenichi Uemura 植村研一

”How to Learn English Effectively Basen on Brain Mechanism-Simultanous Translation & Public Speech-"

━うまい同時通訳・Public Speechのコツ━

How to Learn English Effectively Based on Brain Mechanism
━Simultaneous Translation & Public Speech━

Kenichi Uemura, MD, MS
Professor Emeritus, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine;
President Emeritus, Japan Society for Medical English Education

The left human cerebral hemisphere has Wernicke’s receptive speech area where multilinguals have independent areas specific for respective languages. Such language specific areas can develop only by listening and speaking practice, and cannot develop even after years of learning the language by grammatical translation alone. This is why Japanese college graduates cannot command English. Phase translation is the knack for successful simultaneous translation. Complete translation of the first sentence when it is finished will fail because the next sentence will confuse your brain. Do never read the manuscript but talk to the audience with the eye contact for successful public speech.


松戸市病院事業管理者 植村研一

 ヒトの左脳には聞いた言語を理解するウエルニッケ感覚性言語野があり、多言語使用者ではその中にそれぞれの言語毎に独立した言語領域がある。文法と英文和訳の学習を何十年続けても、独立した英語領域は形成されず、米英人の英語を聞いても理解できず、会話もできない。日本で8年間も英語教育を受けた大学卒業生が英語を使えない理由はここにある。Phrase毎に頭から訳してゆくのが同時通訳のコツである。原稿を読まずに聴衆の目を見ながら語りかけるのがpublic speechのコツである。

「うまい英語で医学論文を書くコツ」「脳の仕組みからみた英語教育」「知っている単語を使える単語に変換! 高速英会話トレーニング」









































































































































May 27(Sunday)







09:40 Keynote Speech (venue1)









Craig Valentine クレグ・バレンタイン

"Getting Remarkable Results in Leadership and Life"



By Craig Valentine, MBA; 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking
3-time Mid-Atlantic Salesperson of the Year (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill)

What does it take to get remarkable results in leadership and life? Is there one secret to success? No. There is not one secret; there are four. In this powerful and interactive keynote, Craig Valentine will share the 4-step cycle that helps you become the leader that others want to follow and inspires you to live the life you desire and deserve.
Discover the tools that will help you...

•Build great relationships that bring greater rewards
•Understand the number one obstacle to becoming a great leader
•Motivate your team to be on the way and not in the way
•Experience less stress and much more joy as a leader
•Inspire people to change and constantly improve
•Exceed your goals in business and in life!
This is one keynote speech you cannot afford to miss!




















* note(注);
Venue1; Hotel Springs Makuhari, Annex B1, "Spring Hall"(ホテルスプリングス幕張 アネックスB1 スプリングスホール)
Venue2; Hotel Springs Makuhari, 3F, "Crystal" (ホテルスプリングス幕張 本館 3F クリスタル)
Venue3-1; Cross-Wave Makuhari, "2F Hall" (クロス・ウエーブ幕張 2F)
Venue3-2; Cross-Wave Makuhari, "Room 302" (クロス・ウエーブ幕張 302号室)


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